Disaster and Recovery Service

In today’s times, threats to your company’s critical business data are ever present from hacker attacks, computer viruses, power failures, system administration errors, natural disasters and terrorist attacks. But the ability of an organization to recover from a disaster is directly related to its degree of disaster recovery planning before the disaster.

NCL4U specializes in comprehensive and affordable disaster recovery services that offer superior protection of your irreplaceable data and minimize the adverse effects of a major unplanned outage on your business. In securing your information systems, personnel and business processes, our multi-layer protection ensures the continuous operation of your business no matter what the event -- our first priority

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The concept of business continuity or Disaster Recovery Strategy involves insuring that an organization's critical business processes, including its IT infrastructure, can be maintained in the event of a disaster.

Why Is Disaster Recovery Planning Important?

When properly implemented, Disaster Recovery Planning Strategies can reduce expenses considerably. With this in mind, NCL offers complete, cost-effective Disaster Recovery & Data Replication solutions. Through our complete range of solutions, we help protect not only your information systems, but also your personnel and business processes. Our Disaster Recovery Planning Solutions include:

Offsite Data Storage
Offsite Data Protection
Real-Time Data Protection
Business Continuity Planning

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