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How to attract people to your website? Just building a website doesn't work today.

How to attract people to your website? Just building a website doesn't work today.

The whole exercise is to attract and build your network ultimately grow your business. Internet has been a powerful media today where each day begins with new possibilities and those know the secret crown their benefits. Here let me give you some tips which has helped lot of them to attract and increase the hits. My clients have the privilege of experiencing those I though of sharing with you. subscribe to my e-nells where each week we have knowledge and information to share with you.

It takes good effort to bring people to your site and much more to bring them back again and again. Search engines like Google, MSN, Yahoo play their role to make our effort meaningful but in their own way. Each search engines use different algorithms and most of them change time to time. Our real game of search engine optimisation – SEO lies in exploring those and conquering the top to be on top ever. Find below some of the tips to do so.

1.Selection of Keywords:
Keywords are words that customers use to search your site using a search engine. The game is to optimize your page for these words or phrases. You should choose keywords that defines or related to your business. They should be specific enough to target potential customers. You can have multiple keywords for your area of operation. The best approach is to pick different keywords for different pages. Focuss on business name and use it as a keyword for the About Us page. But most customers will be searching for your product or service, not your name. For help with keywords, check your server logs to see what search terms have worked for your site. Also, see what works on your competitor's sites. To summarize choose the best keywords for your website.

2. Use of Keywords:
Now we have to use these selected keywords wisely by putting them in corresponding page's meta title which appears top on the browser. Also they should appear in recurring mode at page and first paragraphs. And try to reduce the frequency of stuffing the keywords which may reverse the whole exercise. Tools are there to check the optimal frequency of keywords. Never ruin the content for projecting the keywords which will affect your page ranking and will not attract your customers.

3. Bridging sites- Links:
Bridging with links to your site from other sites. Search engine adds value to your links more links the greater value to your sites and keeps the ranking. Offer to link to the sites which have identical business values. Having links with irrelevant business sites would spoil your exercise. Try to link with sites who has higher ranking. There are lots of tool to find out the list of sites to link. Like in Google's search type Link:yoursitename and click Search , there you go with list to choose all the best!.

4. Honest approach:
Honest approach will yield good results and better mileage. Don't use any unethical ways to boost the ranking of your website. It can even get your site banned from the search results. Once you're banned, it is virtually impossible to get back in. . Don't use hidden text such as small fonts or text the same color as the background on your pages. Don't create identical sites linking to yours. Having similar content on multiple pages may appear deceptive to search engines. Dont put any trojan page or content. Flash is not recognized by web spiders so try reduce its dominance.

5. Submission to SE:
The most important part is submission of your site to search engines and is indexed by them.Web spiders crawl in routine to update the database of engine's to process to rank. If your site doesn't appear automatically, you can submit it for indexing, through a service such as Submit it or on your own. The big three search sites have forms for submitting Web addresses. Here are the submission pages: Google: . Yahoo : (registration required) MSN:

6. Monitoring SEO
SEO is regular exercise and doesn't happen overnight. Monitor your progress gradually and make changes according to that. Dont be in haste to bring it to top. Do search with your keywords and relate it to the contents of your website. Ranking keeps on changing dont panic just keep monitoring and make relative amendments. Consult and get audit from us for independent reports.

7.Consider Outsourcing
We are here to help you with SEO. Its an ongoing process with lot dedicated regular hours. Choose the best options and team to build you online marketing strategy. This is not a one time job. Normally you shoud go for annual contract with companies for appreciable changes. We have experts who can produce you outstanding results and properous business. We have quarterly, halfyearly and annual contracts for SEO clubed with superb reports.

Send mail to info@nellclicks our consultants will guide you to choose the best package for you.

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