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NCL can provide best options for your antivirus solution in Dubai UAE.

Business antivirus software is essential to business protection. You wouldn’t leave your business proposals on the street. You wouldn’t consider storing your business files in an insecure location. Online threats in the form of viruses, adware, spyware, Trojan horses and rootkits are legion. A security breach at the business level doesn’t just mean a bit of downtime. An infection can produce irreparable damage by removing your archives or physically damaging computers. Adware and spyware go beyond being annoying when they compromise business security and unveil crucial information or trade secrets. An infection on any business computer can quickly spread to the entire network. With so many endpoints and portable devices, business computers are at risk. Several of today’s advanced threats specifically target businesses because of their unique setup and the scale of potential damage. Don’t get caught without effective protection for your entire company. With comprehensive business antivirus security, you don’t have to worry about your business information being compromised. For one of the best small business antivirus software solutions contact us.

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What to Look for in Business Antivirus Software

There are essential features and there are nice-to-have features, but the more features the better. Some business antivirus software includes protection from additional threats such as rootkits or blended attacks. The proper lineup of features makes the software easier to use and more powerful.

The best business antivirus software utilize a powerful antivirus kernel with up-to-date virus definitions. Superior software offers real-time protection and advanced heuristic (proactive) behavioral detection. We also take into consideration independent tests from third-party testing organizations.

How flexible is the software when it comes to corporation size? Most business antivirus solutions can accommodate a variety of business sizes, from a small business to a large corporation. It is important that the business antivirus software can be scaled to meet the size of your company. Licensing packages and bulk pricing make it easy to size the solution to your business.

Small business antivirus software should be easy to manage. Simple administration is facilitated with a straightforward interface and intuitive navigation. Particularly with business antivirus software at the server level, it is imperative that the administrator can manage the entire system remotely and from a centralized console.

Help & Support
Technical support may come in the form of an online knowledgebase, FAQs section, user manual or embedded help. Personal help should also be available over the phone, email or online chat. Not all support is created equal. Some companies have far superior support by offering more help options and personalized help.

Kaspersky Anit-Virus


Kaspersky Business Space Security is an excellent small business antivirus solution. Secure, manageable and versatile, Kaspersky Business Space Security wins the TopTenREVIEWS Gold Award.

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